Accommodation, school, documents, sightseeing tours.
We prepare relocation and provide on-site support.

Our Services


We will find accommodation in Krakow tailored to the needs of your employee

Both location and type of accommodation are recommended on the basis of individual criteria, such as budget, lifestyle and specified preferred location.

  • Temporary and long-term accommodation
  • Negotiations of the lease agreement, moving into the accommodation
  • Accommodation management and related small administrative tasks


We recommend a school or kindergarten in Krakow for the children of relocated employees

We present a detailed offer and specifics about educational institutions, together with a list of documents needed when enrolling in a selected school. If necessary, we assist parents throughout the enrollment process.

  • Recommendation of educational institutions in Krakow
  • On-site visit to the school
  • Bringing school community members together

Residence card, registration, permits

We offer support in legalizing your stay
and work in Poland

We provide all the information on immigration formalities, and assist in preparing and completing the necessary documents and submitting them to the appropriate authorities.

  • Residence card for foreigners
  • Resident registration
  • Obtaining a PESEL (personal identification number) and a tax identification number (NIP)

Licenses and formalities

We help to set up a bank account, get a driving license, register a car

We present the offer of bank accounts along with complete information about the fees and commissions. We inform you of the documents needed to open an account. We might also assist you throughout the process of the opening of the bank account, providing translations on the spot.

  • Driving license
  • Car registration
  • Bank account, payment card
  • Krakow Municipal Card (municipal transport)

Getting to know the city

We give guidance on how to move around the area, organize sightseeing tours around Krakow

We show you the city and help to familiarize you with local customs, giving advice on the most convenient way to move about Krakow - where to eat well and inexpensively, where to spend free time and where to look for medical care. We present places worth visiting, and inform about the location of shopping centers, post offices, cinemas, parks, sports and recreation centers, and others.

  • Topography of the city
  • Parking cards
  • Seasonal tickets and public transport cards

Everyday care

We organize domestic help and childcare

We help in monthly settlement of the utility bills, weekly cleaning of the accommodation including changing bedding and towels, and provide cleaning products on request.

  • Recruitment of a housekeeper, cleaner
  • Nanny/babysitter recommendation
  • Settlement of rent, utility and internet bills
  • Assistance in signing contracts with local electricity and gas suppliers

Everyday safety

We are always available to help in unexpected situations

We help in an emergency – by arranging medical, dental or veterinary appointments, recommending specialists or submitting claims for damages to the insurer.

  • Emergency medical assistance
  • Calling for an electrician or plumber
  • Veterinary help for pets
  • Help in other unforeseen situations

Return settlement

We prepare you for departure from Krakow and return home

We take care of the termination of the rental agreement on your accommodation, vacating the premises, settling utility bills, closing bank accounts, and terminating contracts and subscriptions, i.e. telephone, television and internet.

  • Termination of the lease agreement
  • Vacating the accommodation and return of the keys
  • Termination of contracts and subscriptions
  • Preparation of the move/removal